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Struggling with GenAI?

I can help you.

I started this blog to ​share my passion for AI ​and offer insights that ​blend language artistry, ​mathematical precision, ​and AI mastery, helping ​you craft AI PROMPTS ​tailored to your ​professional narrative.

Episode 1

In this INauGURAL episode, we ​explore AI agents and how to build a ​simple prototype. An AI agent is a ​software program that interacts ​with its environment, gathers data, ​and uses it to perform tasks and ​meet goals set by humans.

We'll look at how AI agents make ​smart decisions, their benefits, and ​some challenges.

About ME


I'm Daniel, a tech-​backed growth expert ​with over a decade of ​experience in digital ​marketing and AI ​integration.

I specialize in ​creating impactful ​strategies that drive ​growth and success ​for businesses.

For over a decade, I've ​been dedicated to ​empowering ​entrepreneurs to ​conquer their ​marketing challenges.

My approach blends ​the precision of ​computer science with ​the creativity of ​marketing strategies, ​resulting in tailored ​solutions that drive ​growth and success.

Drawing from my extensive ​experience, I've crafted ​comprehensive digital ​growth funnels, ​orchestrated automation ​initiatives, and developed ​impactful marketing ​strategies.

From spearheading B2B lead ​generation platforms to ​implementing AI-powered ​ChatBots and optimizing ​websites, I've consistently ​delivered tangible results.

Additionally, my expertise ​extends to training and ​empowering teams, ​conducting comprehensive ​workshops, and crafting ​engaging social media ​strategies.

Learn & Experiment

Let’s dive into the world of ​Generative AI, exploring its vast ​potential and experimenting with ​its capabilities.

I’ll test new tools, analyze ​their impacts, and push the ​boundaries of what's ​possible with GenAI. This ​journey is all about ​learning, experimenting, and ​discovering how GenAI can ​transform our professional ​and personal lives.


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Customized Decision Support

Tailored prompts offer personalized recommendations, aiding executives in making informed decisions.

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Automated Workflow Streamlining

Prompt-triggered automation optimizes workflows, reducing manual effort for executives.

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Real-time Performance Check-up

Stay updated on key metrics with real-time monitoring, enabling proactive decision-making.

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Enhanced Communication

Prompt engineering fosters transparent communication and collaboration among teams.

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Strategic Resource Allocation

Optimize resource allocation using prompt-driven insights, enhancing productivity and profitability.

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Efficient Data Analysis

Prompt engineering streamlines data analysis for CEOs by providing quick access to actionable insights.




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DanEVN is simply a combination of my name, Daniel, and the abbreviation EVN, which stands for Yerevan.

This blog is part of my personal learning journey in AI. The content shared here is for educational purposes only. ​All information is based on public knowledge and personal experiences.